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Let's Explore Wall Insulation Materials, SANS 10400 XA Building Requirements & Cost- Effective Product Options

What Is Cavity Wall Insulation? 

Thermally efficient homes, offices and warehouses need well insulated floors, walls, ceilings and roofs. 


Cavity Wall Insulation accounts for approximately 33% of the thermal efficiency of the building envelope, so it is an important insulation in the overall build.


Cavity wall insulation is the insulation layer that is placed in the cavity space between the brick layers on the outer or perimeter walls.

  insulation of a brick wall with polyst

Why Is Cavity Wall Insulation Important?

Wall Insulation Keeps The Warm & Cold Weather Elements Out

It Is About Insulating The Whole Building Envelope

In South Africa we have hot summers and cold winters.


During winter it is cold outside and the purpose of cavity wall insulation is to keep the cold out.


In summer it is hot and as the sun passes across the outer walls of buildings it heats these walls and this heat is then transferred through the walls into the living space.


Well insulated walls ensure comfortable living and reduce the need for expensive electrical heating and cooling systems.

What Is Required In Terms Of The Building Code?

Building Code:


SANS 10400 Part XA 

Is The Section In The Building Code That Deals With Cavity Wall Or Brick Wall Insulation

When Is It Required?


In terms of SANS 10400 Part XA Thermal Regulation, Walls Need To Be Insulated To Attain A Minimum Thermal Insulation R-Value Of 1

Cavity Wall Insulation Thickness


All This Insulation Materials Have Different Thermal Values So The Thickness Will Vary By Insulation Type

How Are Cavity Wall Insulation Boards Installed?

Installing Cavity Wall Insulation Board Is Not Difficult!

Installation is very simple, and most construction companies will already know how to install polystyrene cavity wall insulation.


The walls are constructed leading with either the inner or outer tier.


The boards are then fixed to the inner tier with wire ties at consistent heights to enhance their thermal performance.


The wire ties should be bent up and then down alternately to secure the upper and lower edges of the Polystyrene Cavity Wall Boards. 

What Cavity Wall Insulation Products Do We Supply?

Polystyrene Cavity Wall Insulation is extensively used in residential, commercial and industrial insulation applications in South Africa. 

In most cases 40mm Medium Density Polystyrene sheets are used to give a Thermal Insulation R-Value of 1.

Cooler Room & Freezer Room insulation requirements are greater and require thicker polystyrene cavity wall insulation sheets.

We are also national suppliers of Isotherm Insulation which is an alternative to polystyrene cavity wall insulation.

What Are The Cavity Wall Insulation Product Options By Product Type 

Extruded Polystyrene Insulation Options

Expanded Polystyrene Insulation Sheets

Expanded Polystyrene Moulded Insulation Boards

Polyisocyanurate (PIR) Insulation Boards


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