Extruded Polystyrene Home Insulation - Floors, Walls, Ceilings & Roofs 

National Specials

Polystyrene Product Company Is A Leading National Supplier of (XPS) Extruded Polystyrene SANBOARD Floor Insulation, Wall Insulation, Ceilings & Roof Insulation. 




All In One - Floor Insulation, Wall Insulation, Ceilings & Roof Insulation

Welcome To The World Of Uber Insulation. SANBOARD Is An Extruded Polystyrene Insulation Board & Ceiling Product.

SANBOARD Is Manufactured & Distributed From Johannesburg. It Is Used As Floor Insulation, Cavity Wall Insulation, Thermally Insulating Ceilings & Roof Insulation.

Like Any Extruded Polystyrene Insulation It Boasts An Impressive Thermal K-Value Of 0.024 Making For Good Thermal R-Values. 

Lead Time On This Insulation Board Is 3 To 5 Working Days From Order.

SANBOARD Thermal Insulation R-Values

Thermal Insulation R-Values



Thermal Insulation R-Value


Thermal Insulation R-Value Calculations Are Simple To Do!

R-Value = Thickness (M) / K-Value


R-Value = Thickness (M) / 0.024

R-Values By Thickness (mm)

30mm - 1.250

40mm - 1.667

50mm - 2.083

60mm - 2.500

70mm - 2.917

80mm - 3.333

90mm - 3.750

100mm - 4.167

SANBOARD Density & Board Sizes

Lengths Can Be Anything!


Unlike Many Other Alternatives, SANBOARD Can Be Cut To Any Length Up To 8m.


In Fact It Can Be Longer If Need Be But That Poses A Logistics Problem.

The Board Are Always 600mm Wide


SANBOARD Is Currently Extruded To Between 32 kg/m3 to 36 kg/m3

It Can Be Extruded Up To 50 kg/m3 If Required!

SANBOARD Ceilings Roof Insulation

SANBOARD Ceiling & Roof Insulation

SANBOARD Is Used Both In Residential & Industrial Ceiling & Roof Insulation Applications. 

What Makes These Board Special Is That Ther Are Easy To Retrofit In Existing Buildings & Homes.

Easy To Install!