Looking For Polystyrene Sheets OR Special Cuts?

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Manufacture & Cutting Process

Our Polystyrene Sheets & Blocks Are Cut From Very Large High Quality Expanded Moulded Blocks That Are Expanded And Then Left To Stabalise & Cure For Over 10 Days.

Once Ready They Are Cut Using Hot-Wire Cutters, Abrasive Or Lazer Cutters Into Sheets Or Blocks Or Specific Custom Shapes.

Generally There Is A 2mm Tolerance When Cutting Polystyrene Sheets, Blocks Or Shapes/

We Account For This During The Cutting Process.

Polystyrene Sheet Sizes

We Expanded Different Virgin Block Sizes In Each Of The Regions.

Generally The Maximum Length Of Our Blocks Is 5 Meters To 6 Meters In Length.

The Width Also Varies By Region It Is Either 1200mm Or 1220mm.

Our Blocks Are Made In Different Thicknesses In The Different Regions But Generally The Thickness Can Be Up To 600mm.

From These Blocks We are Able To Cut Any Sheet, Block Or Custom Shape You Require. We Always Need To Take Into Consideration Wastage In The Cut.

Check With Us If You Need A Specific Thickness.

Polystyrene Density Options

Polystyrene Sheets Or Blocks Come In Various Densities. 

Low Density

Medium Density

High Density (HD)


Extra High Density (EHD)

The Higher The Density, The Higher The Compressive Strength.

Higher Density Polystyrene Is Finer In Texture.