Concrete Slab Designs & Supply Of Polystyrene Rib & Beam Slab Construction Products

If You Are Looking For A Concrete Slab Design Or Just Polystyrene Decking Blocks (PolyBlocks) or Slab Materials For Rib & Block Suspended Slab Construction, You Have Come To The Right Place!

Critical Steps To Building Cost Effective Concrete Roof Or Suspended Slabs

There Are Many Important Steps That Need Consideration When Designing And Building A Concrete Roof Slab Or Suspended Concrete Slab. We Have Outlined Major Steps You Need To Follow Below And Detailed What Services We Offer In the Process. 

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Step 1: You Need A Proper Structural Slab Design

Concrete Roof Slabs Or Suspended Roof Slabs Are Structural Concrete Slabs That Need to Be Designed, Inspected & Signed Off  By Qualified Structural Engineers.


You Can't Erect A Concrete Slab Without A Structural Design & Structural Design Engineers Being Involved.


Every Concrete Slab Design Is Unique And Based On The Wall And Column Support Layout, The Spans Between Supports And The Loading Requirement Of The Slab. 

Our  Engineers Will Provide You With A Cost Effective Concrete Slab Design Based On SANS Building Requirement.

As Part Of The Design You Will Get A Structural Engineering Design Drawing & A Dry Materials Breakdown or Schedule.

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Step 2: You Need To Cost Your Slab Dry Materials

Once You Have Completed The Structural Engineering Design And Received The Dry Material Schedule, That Is Based On The Design, You Can Start To Cost Your Concrete Roof Or Suspended Slab.

We Are National Suppliers Of Slab Materials Including Blocks, Lintels, Mesh, Etc So We Will Also Give You A Quote On The Dry Material Costs Based On The Design.


If You Prefer To Source Your Material From Other Suppliers You Can.

We Can Give You Broad Budget Costs Without Doing A Design But These May Vary Considerably From The Actual Costs Depending On The Actual Final Structural Design.

It Is Better To Do The Design First. You Have To Do It Anyway!

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Step : 3 You Need To Cost Your Concrete, Slab Erection & Inspections 

Your Next Step Would Be To Determine The Cost Of Erecting Or Building Your Concrete Slab.


We Don't Erect Concrete Slabs Because We Cannot Design The Slabs, Provide The Materials, Erect The Slabs, Inspect The Slabs & Sign Them Off. 

Although We Don't Erect Slabs, We Can Recommend A Number Of Highly Qualified Erection And Construction Companies That We Work With On A Regular Basis.


We Get Preferential Discounted Erection Rates / Costs For You From These Companies.  

During The Design Process We Liase With These Service Providers To Get You An Estimated Erection Cost So You Can Do Your Budgeting. 

We Will Also Include Our Site Inspection Costs So You Can Fully Complete Your Costing Process.

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